How to Change or Customize colors of Folders in Windows

The most used Personal Computer is the Windows OS and that is for a reason, you can customize almost everything as per your requirements. Not just the hardware but also the OS can be played around with the help of various software and tricks to make it one of a kind. One such simple and neat little customization is to Change the color of Folders in your Windows PC and Laptop.

There are no options given in Windows to change the color of the Folders which is a shade of Yellow and you might be getting bored looking at the same thing over and over again. With the change in Folder colors it will be easier to assign each color to a folder and looks good as well. For this we need to install a software which will give you the option to change the color of your folders easily.

How to change colors of folders in Windows PC or Laptop

How to change Colors of Folders in Windows PC or Laptop:

  • From your Windows PC / Laptop download the Folder Colorizer file (The software is safe to use without any virus or malware)
  • Install the Software by going to the Downloaded file which can be in your Download folder or any place which has been assigned to it
  • Once you have installed the software you are ready to customize your PC or Laptop by changing the colors of the Folder.
  • To do so, you need to go to the folder which you want to change the color of
  • Right click on the Folder and you will be seeing the option “Colorize” in the pop up box under the “Open in new window” option
  • Click or move the pointer on it and you will get another pop up showing the various color options available to choose from and you can add different colors as well to it.

This is simple yet effective trick to give your Laptop or PC a personalized touch with assigning different colors to Folders to make them stand out.

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