How to change Incorrect or wrong Name in Truecaller

Truecaller is one App which is a must in every smart phone which you use as your phone to make calls as this app lets you identify the caller even if the number is not saved in your device. But in some cases your name or someone in your family or friends number is saved incorrectly as nicknames or if the number belonged to someone else before and has got transferred to you. So here is the way by which you can change your name or any of your friends names in Truecaller if saved incorrectly or Wrongly.

Steps to change name in Truecaller:

If you are told that your name is saved incorrectly in Truecaller then it is best to first check for yourself in Truecaller by logging into website and typing in your name to check if your name is saved correctly or not.

If there is a mistake then follow the next steps to change your name in Truecaller Database.

You have go to the “Name Suggestion” page on Truecaller website or click on this Link – Name Suggestion

Truecaller Name change

Here you can find the Name Suggestion form which needs to be filled in with Phone number, First name, Last name and Verification.

By this method you can even correct your friends names as well by filling in the Name Suggestion form as shown above.

This method is useful for users who are already on Truecaller and their number is saved in the Database, but if you are looking to change the name of a number  which is not in the Truecaller Data base you have to follow the next tutorial or the alternative method to do it.

Install True Caller App to change name if not yet installed:

If you or any user has not yet installed the Truecalle app in their smartphones and wants the number to be changed then installing the App from Play Store and verifying your number and name is the best and simplest way to correct your name or override the existing database error.
How to change your incorrect or wrong name in Truecaller

Steps to Change Name in Truecaller in Android or iPhone device:

  • Open Truecaller Application
  • Tap on the Three lines Menu Icon on the top left of screen
  • In the bottom – Tap on Edit Profile beside your name and number
  • Now in your Profile page, Tap on the Pen/pencil icon beside your name
  • Enter or Change your desired name and tap on the Tick icon on the top right corner

So if you find your name is changed or your friends or family members name is not correctly updated then you can follow the below given steps to change it. These steps can even be used to play with you so you have to be careful by checking your name in Truecaller database.

There was news earlier that Truecaller and Cyanogen are pairing up to introduce an advanced Dialer. This will be a great app if it works out, and we have already seen Facebook launch a  dailer of its own.


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