How to Change Galaxy S4 Lock Screen Text or Message

If you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4 device you must be knowing what and where “Life Companion” text is present and you must be annoyed or bored by looking at it every time you switch on your Galaxy S4. So here is a way to remove that irritating Life companion Text and either leave it blank or put your own text like your name etc.

With a Screen size of 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm and 1080×1920 pixels on its 5 inch screen it is one excellent Smartphone. Samsung with every Galaxy device gives its trademark Wallpaper and this time it has even included a text named “Life Companion” about which many S4 owners have complained of being irritating and boring.

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We are going to show you this simple Tutorial which will help you change the “Life Companion” text on your lock screen. There are 2 ways on How to change or remove the Text on the Lock Screen of Galaxy S4:

How to change or remove Text on Galaxy S4 lock screen

First Tutorial (Long one):

  1.  Click on Settings
  2. Then click on My device
  3. Go to Lock screen > Lock screen widgets.
  4. Then Click on the Edit Personal Information Tab
  5. Now you will get options to change the color of the text, font type, font size etc
  6. So you can wither change the Text and even change the text size, font type according to your taste from the same page.

Second Tutorial (Short one)

  1. On the Lock screen
  2. Tap and Hold on the “Life companion” line
  3. Drag down the “life Companion” text while holding it down
  4. A Little Edit icon on the bottom right of the Lock Screen is seen, about halfway down the screen
  5. Tap on it to go directly to the customization page where you can remove or edit the text by changing the color, font size and font type


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