How to change Background in Microsoft Teams Video Call

With work from Home at its highest, Microsoft Teams Video Call is gaining in popularity thanks to the questionable security in Zoom which is turning away users from it. Along with security Microsoft Teams lets users have a user-friendly UI, easy to use interface with features – change Microsoft Teams Video Call background. We have seen many instances with user who are working from home having mishaps such as children running in the background, partners being at home in the background and other bloopers which can make you very awkward in a professional meeting or Video conference.

To keep your Video call or Conference from having any distractions or mishaps, Microsoft has a feature where users can have a custom background or blur your background. These features are available for the App on Windows OS and macOS but not yet available for the mobile apps. So, if you want to have a blurred-out background or change background you need to use the App on your Windows or macOS.

How to change background in Microsoft Teams Video Call:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Viewer in your Windows or macOS

Step 2: Now Log-in to your account and click on the Call or Chat option

Step 3: Click on “Video Call” button to start a call or click on the link shared by your friend or colleague to join the Video call

Step 4: After joining the call or placing the call, click on the three-dot menu

Step 5: Now from the option click on “Show background effects” which will take you to a list of pre-installed images.

Step 6: You can choose any of the image and then click on “Preview” to see how the background image looks

Step 7: Now click on “Apply and turn on Video” to apply the changes

Step 8: You and other participants can now see your Video with the new background in the Video conference call

Microsoft Teams has not yet introduced the option to upload your own background image sadly, there is a workaround which lets you upload the image you need into the Uploads folder of Teams App on your PC or Laptop. Will be posting a separate post on How to upload a Custom background in Microsoft Teams.

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