How to Capture, Create and Share 3D photos in Facebook

Facebook has rolled out a new feature in its Social network site called 3D photos which lets users share 3 dimensional images which appear to move as we move the device or mouse. This gives a similar experience as VR which lets us view the surroundings of an image or place by moving. With many of you seeing your friends sharing their 3D images on their walls, I have received many queries on how you can Create and post or share a 3D image on Facebook wall.

Note: 3D Feature in Facebook is available for Apple iPhones at this point of time – 03-12-2018. Will update when it is shared to Android devices as well. So only iPhone users can create and share 3D images on Facebook.

How to Create and share 3D Photos in Facebook

The 3D photos on Facebook is created by capturing the distance between the foreground and background, so this requires dual camera set up and this is what gives the depth and movement to the images. This 3D image lets you scroll and tilt as you wish.

Steps to Create and Share 3D photos on Facebook:

Step 1: On your smartphone, launch the Camera and switch to portrait mode

Step 2: Now click your Portrait photo in the portrait mode or you can also use any older clicks taking using portrait mode.

Step 3: Launch Facebook App on your smartphone

Step 4: Tap on “New Post” to start writing a new post

Step 5: Here you need to tap on the three-dots icon on the top right corner of the screen

Step 6: You will see an option – ‘3D Photos‘ tap on it – If you are not able to see this options, it is because the feature is at the moment available only for iPhones.

Step 7: Now go to “Portraits Folder” and select the image which you want to share as a 3D photo on your timeline

Step 8: Write anything you want to convey similar to any Facebook post you publish and then click or tap on “Share

You are done, the 3D photo will be shared on your Wall and all your friends will be able to view your 3D image on their timeline. There are some simple tricks which will help you get the perfect 3D image – make sure that the subject is a minimum of 3-4 feet away from the camera, this lets you get the depth perception which you need. Make sure that the background is in contrast or a different color from the object or person which you are capturing in the foreground.

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