How to Bookmark or Save Tweets to read later on Twitter app

Twitter, the Social media website has introduced a new feature which lets users to Bookmark or Save tweet or a thread to view later. It has been a problem where you read a good tweet or thread you wish to follow later but lose it in the crowd and cannot find it later on. The Bookmark feature solves this by letting you Bookmark or save the particular tweet to view later.

The Bookmarks feature is being tested from last November and has been officially announced earlier this week to all users. This feature helps in situations when you are in a hurry and saw something interesting on your timeline, you do not have time but want to follow it later, you can just use this feature to save the tweet and view it later when you are free.

Let us look at how you can Bookmark or Save a Tweet on Twitter to view later.

Steps to Bookmark or Save Tweet to View later on Twitter:

Step 1: Open Twitter and scroll through your timeline and look for any useful or important tweet which you would like to save for later

Step 2: Under the tweet, you can see the Share Icon, tap on it

Step 3: You will be seeing a Pop-up box

How to save or Bookmark tweets in twitter app

Step 4: Here you will see the option “Add Tweet to Bookmarks“, click on it and you are done

Step 5: The tweet will be bookmarked and saved in the Bookmarks section of your Account

How to Access or See Bookmarked Tweets on Twitter:

How to see Bookmarked Tweets in Twitter app

  • Launch the Twitter application, on the top left corner of the screen, you can see your Profile picture
  • Tap on the Profile Picture to open the Options tab
  • Here you can see the option – Bookmarks, tap on it
  • You will be taken to a page with all the Bookmarked tweets shown in the list.

This feature is really helpful in saving a lot of time in searching for that particular tweet which we would have lost in a hurry and keep wasting time searching for it through the timeline. We have observed that the Bookmarks option has not been introduced in the Twitter Website and is available in the Twitter Application for Android and iOS.

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