How to Block Websites in Google Chrome

Blocking of certain websites in your Laptop or PC has many reasons in many cases if you have children in your home blocking certain websites belonging to certain niche and also if you are the kind to get distracted easily, it will be a good option to block certain websites to improve your efficiency.

I had to block Facebook for a while to get back to being productive and I was searching for ways to block only certain websites found this simple and the most easiest way to do so, just follow the steps given below and you can Block websites in Google Chrome:
How to block websites in Google Chrome Browser for Laptop or PC

  1. Go to Google Chrome Web Store and then in the search option you have to type “Website Blocker (Beta)” on just click on the Link.
  2. Now Click on the FreeĀ button on the right side top of the screen and install the application
  3. After installation of the widget you can see the Website Blocker icon on the Right side top of the Browser
  4. Click on the Website Blocker Beta icon which will launch a Pop up Box which will be having an option to enter the website which should be blocked.
  5. Enter the Website URL which you want to block in the box and you will also get an option to set a certain amount of time every day for which you want to block the website. Enter the time and you should now Click on the “Block This” button.

It is done and now you can check in your browser by entering the URL to see that “This page is blocked” and “Can’t access this page”.

If you want to start accessing the website you can go back to the extension and unblock the site and start using it or if you have entered a certain amount of time for which it will be blocked you can wait it out.

There are other Extensions too in Chrome Store which do the same thing of Blocking Websites like “Block Site” which also acts in the same manner as Website Blocker and you can use that too if you want to try something different compared to Website Blocker. In Website Blocker you will be getting additional options which will allow you to redirect to another url when someone tries to access the blocked url.

Do let us know in the comments section if you know any better extensions or plugins which will block websites in Google Chrome so that we can add that to this post which will be helpful to other users.

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