How to block Unwanted or Spam text messages in galaxy S4 and S5

The number of unwanted or spam text messages is becoming more and more by the day which is irritating and you do not want to check your messages which might result in loosing some important messages. So for users of Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 we are going to show you a simple procedure with which you can stop or block unwanted or spam text messages from any numbers by marking them as spam. By following these steps you can completely stop messages from these numbers to your galaxy S4 or S5

This procedure will only block the text messages and not the Whatsapp messages or calls from the number which you are marking as blocked.
how to block or stop spam text messages in galaxy s4 and s5

Steps to Block or Stop unwanted Text messages in Galaxy S4 and S5:

  1. On your Galaxy S4 and S5 Homescreen tap and launch the Messages App
  2. On the right side top of the screen you will find a three dotted symbol which should be tapped on to open a drop down box
  3. Tap on Settings from the list of options to open it
  4. Scroll down on the list of settings to find the Spam Filter option and Enable it
  5. Now scroll in the options and tap on “Add to spam numbers” option and then find and tap the Add icon which will allow you to add phone numbers or any of your contacts saved in your device to your spam list.

This was a tutorial for blocking single phone numbers or the numbers saved in your contact list. But if you are fed up of spam messages from your network provider or from a company which keeps sending promotional messages from different numbers there is an option to block numbers from a group of numbers starting with matching set of numbers.

  1. After you have activated the Spam Filter option you will find an option “Match Criteria” which should be selected and you can now block of send these text messages directly to Spam folder sent from phone numbers starting with a specific set of numbers.

After this you will never be bothered with silly messages from a stalker or a promotional campaign or form your network provider sending you unwanted promotional messages.


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