How to Block or Restrict Specific Website on iPhone and iPad Safari Browser

In your Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5C and 5s and iPad you can control which websites you want to restrict from being displayed in your Browser. This can be helpful in controlling the use of certain websites which your children might be using from your iPhone or iPad. You have to option to restrict or Limit Adult Content for which there is an option in settings which was introduced from iOS7.

So let me show you how you can activate the automatic settings to restrict Adult content on your safari Browser and also block certain or specified websites from being accessed on your device. After you activate this option whenever someone tries to access the website they will be getting a message which reads “You cannot browse” example)” because it is restricted”.
How to restrict or block certain webiste in iphone or ipad safari browser

  1. From your apple iPhone or iPad Home Screen tap on Settings App
  2. Then tap on General, now you have to scroll down and Tap on Restrictions and Tap on Enable Restrictions.
  3. Now you will have to enter the pass code of your phone which you might have already set and if you did not set the pass code you have to do it now.
  4. Once you Enable Restrictions you will be sent to the Restrictions page -> Allowed Content
  5. Scroll down and tap on Websites -> then under Allowed Websites tap on Limit Adult Content if you want to control Adult content.
  6. Then scroll down to Add Websites to restrict their access and then tap on the “Add Website” under the Never Allow option.
  7. Now you have to type or enter the website url which you want to stop or restrict on Safari browser in iPhone or iPad. You should enter the full website url into the box given below for example and then tap on Done.
  8. Now you can go and launch your Safari browser and enter the url which you have blocked and see if you are able to access it or not.

In some cases the websites have different url’s from which we can access the website like, which are the mobile versions so you have to block these urls as well.
With these settings you can easily restrict websites which you do not want to access on your device and also restrict adult content on your device.

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