How to Block Calls, Messages and Facetime in iPhone with iOS7

Apple with the release of its latest completely revamped operating system has release a lot of New Features in iOS7 among which is the feature which allows the users to Block Calls, Messages and Facetime calls and this is integrated in the iOS 7 itself.

This feature is particularly useful if you are fed up of receiving calls or messages from a number and want to block it from sending you any more messages or Calling you.

Features of New Call Blocking Feature in iOS7:

  1. Can Block Phone Calls
  2. Can Block Messages
  3. Can Block Facetime Calls

All the above features are blocked when you enter the number in the Block List, which is seen in the Phone Settings region.

How to Add Numbers to Block List in iOS7:

  1. Go to your Settings app
  2. Tap on Phone Icon
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on Blocked Tab
  4. Click on Add New
  5. Now your Contacts will slide up from the bottom, letting you choose folks in your contact list to block
  6. So you can select as many people as you want and this will BlockĀ  all Calls from those particular Numbers.
how to block calls and messages in ios7 using blocking feature
Same thing should be done in “Phone” option

To Block SMS / Messages you need to repeat the same procedure – Go to Settings – Messages – Scroll down to bottom – Click on Blocked Tab – Contacts list will open and select the numbers you want to be blocked.

The one negative thing about this feature is that you cannot add numbers or recent calls or messages which are not stored in your contacts cannot be included which is really foolish because the numbers which i want to avoid will not be stored in my contact list.

So if you want to Block a number which is not in your Contact list, you have to add the number to your contact list and then Add to Block List.

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