How to Block and Unblock Contacts in Whats App

What’s App has become the most popular messaging app and was recently sold to Facebook for a massive amount. Since Facebook has acquired What’s App there have been many updates in the form of new options and features being included directly in the settings for which users had to take help from other Apps earlier like
How to Hide Last Seen status in What’s App
Apart from just Last Seen status What’s App can be very insecure as a person who adds you to their Contacts list can see your profile and What’s App account directly in their What’s app contact list, and they can directly message you through What’s App.
There is an Option in Settings to counter this problem and if you are being stalked or pestered from some number you can easily Block the number directly from What’s App settings by following the below mentioned steps and to block or unblock contacts in whats app

  1.  Launch What’s app in your Mobile or Tablet device
  2.  Click on the 3 dots icon on the right side top of the screen on your device
  3.  From that select Settings
  4.  You will then have to select Account from the list of options seen
  5.  In the Accounts page select Privacy in the list of options seen
  6.  In the Privacy page you can see many options which will help you in hiding your personal info like Last Seen status, Profile Photo, Status etc from either Everyone or My Contacts or Nobody, here the last option which you see will be the “Blocked Contacts: None” – List of Contacts that you have blocked.
  7. Click on the Blocked Contacts Option which will lead you the page which will show you what contacts you have already blocked.
  8. To Block new contacts you have to click on the Icon seen on the Right side top of the Screen
  9. This will lead you to your Contacts list
  10. Click on the Contact which you want to Block and that number will instantly come under the Blocked Contacts list, and that person cannot contact you from that number.

How to unblock contacts from Blocked List in What’s App:

  1. Long Click on the Blocked Contact in the List and an option will appear on the screen asking your permission to unblock the Contact from Block List.
  2. Click on the text and the contact will be Unblocked immediately.

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