How to Back up WhatsApp Chat History on Google Drive

WhatsApp is the most used and most popular messenger application out there with millions of users and after its take over by Facebook there are constant upgrades and updates being given out to users, the most recent upgrade was the inclusion of the feature where you can backup all the Whatsapp chat history in your Google Drive account. Earlier to this there was the update which included the calling feature or VoIP feature.

So we are so connected to our WhatsApp account that if you are planning to change your smart phone or tablet you think of the chat history and earlier there were options where you could either send your WhatsApp Chat history as a NotePad file which can be saved on your microSD card or sent as an Email and in the most recent update there is another option with which you can backup all your Chat History onto your Google Drive Cloud account and which can be accessed by you through your Google Drive account.

Steps to Backup WhatsApp Chat on Google Drive:

1. Launch Whatsapp on your Android device and tap on the three dot icon on the right side top of your screen

2. Tap on “Settings” which is at the bottom of the list

3. Now tap on the “Chat Settings” option seen in the list
How to backup and restore whatsapp chat to google drive

4. You will find the option “Chat backup” in the new version and if you are still stuck with older version of WhatsApp you will see the options Email conversation and Backup Conversations which means you have to update your WhatsApp app.

5. Now from the Chat backup options you will have to update the Google Drive Settings

6. Backup frequency should be set according to your requirement either Daily or Weekly or Monthly

7. Your Google Drive Account should be added

8. And set when Back up should take place, whether only when connected to Wi-Fi or even when Mobile Data is On.

9. And you are done, now your WhatsApp chat will be updated to your Google Drive account automatically depending on the frequency you have set.

This new feature makes it easier and lets you upload all your WhatsApp data into Cloud storage and making it easier to download all the information whenever needed. Update your App to get this option to your Android device before changing your device. And even if you are not changing your device backing up all your data is necessary just in case something goes wrong with your device or it gets stolen.

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