How to Backup and Restore Contacts to SD card in any Windows Phone

Earlier there was an App called Transfer my Data App which was used to backup Contacts and SMS to SD card. Recently Microsoft has introduced an App called contacts + message backup in Store which will let you backup contacts and sms from any Windows phone to your MicroSD card.

I will be showing you How to Back up Contacts and Messages and then Restoring it back into another Windows or Lumia devices.

Steps to Backup Contacts and SMS into MicroSD card:

You have to first install the contacts + message backup app into your Windows device and if the App is already installed in your device you can find “contacts + message backup” option in Settings App.

Download and Install the Contacts + message backup app from Store. You can click or tap on this link if you are browsing from your Windows device. Contacts + message backup app

After Installation go to Settings and scroll through the list to find the contacts + message backup and tap on it.

Now you have to tap on Agree to the license terms which will come up.

Now you will come to the backup page where you will be given options which should be transferred like contacts, sms and mms. Select from the following and then tap on backup.

This will initiate the backup process and you can check the progress at the bottom of the screen.

Your backed up data like contacts, sms and mms will be stored in the backup + restore folder in your SD card. The contacts file will be in a single vcf file format and will be stored as xml file format.

Now that you have backed up your contacts and sms into SD card, let us see how to restore or transfer them into your new Windows phone.

How to backup and restore contacts and sms from Windows phone to SD card

Steps to Restore Backed up Contacts, SMS and MMS into new Windows phone from SD card:

You have to just transfer the microSD card into your new Windows phone into which you want to transfer the contacts or sms.

Insert the SD card into your Windows phone and then install the contacts + message backup app in your Windows device.

Now go to Settings and then tap on the contacts + message backup option and you will be taken to the Restore page as seen below.

From the list of options to backup check the box which you want to restore like contacts, sms or mms.

Now tap on the Restore button which will start the Restore process and will be completed automatically and you can find that Contacts and SMS are now available to be used in your Windows device.

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