How to Back Up and Restore Data, Settings and Apps in Xiaomi Mi3

Backing up data like photos, videos, audio files, settings, contacts, messages, apps etc are very important while performing many tasks in smartphones like factory reset etc and there are many ways in which you can Back up your important data and then restore it back after you are finished with your work.

Xiaomi has included a Backup App in its MIUI version or Android which makes it very easy to back up and restore data without much complications. So let me break it down into two tutorials where first I will explain how to back up and then in the next procedure how to restore back the data.

Steps to Back up Data and settings for Xiaomi Mi 3:

  1. On your Xiaomi Mi 3 search for the Backup App on your home screen and tap on it to launch it.
  2. A Box opens where all the items on your phone are selected and you have to deselect any items which you do not want to back up.How to back up and restore data, settings etc on Xiaomi mi 3
  3. At the bottom of the screen you can see the Backup button, tap on it to start the back up process.
  4. You can see the back up progress and once the back up is completed tap on the Done buttonHow to back up settings data and items in xiaomi mi 3

And that’s it you have successfully backed up the data like photos, music, videos, audio files and files, apps, setting.. etc which was on your device.

How to Do manual back up or transfer back up files from Xiaomi Mi 3 to PC/Laptop:

  1. These files are stored on your Xiaomi device as a Backup file or folder. And now you have to transfer this file or folder onto your PC or Laptop which can be done by connecting your Xiaomi Mi 3 with your PC using a USB which was given with your device.
  2. Connect your Mi 3 and PC or Laptop using the USB cable and from your PC or Laptop go to the files section and tap on the MIUI folder -> then tap on Backup -> All Backup where you can see the files and folders which were backed up by you.

Steps to Restore Backup on your Xiaomi Mi 3 from Backup app:

  1. After you are done with your Factory Reset or Root or whatever you were planning to do with your device tap on the Backup app
  2. In the list you can see the back up files as you have seen earlier and all you have to do is tap on these files to restore.
  3. You will be finding the files like Apps, settings, contacts, messages etc which you can restore back to original.
  4. After selecting the files you want to restore you have to tap on the Restore button seen at the bottom of the screen.
  5. The restoration progress can be seen in the form of a bar.
  6. After the restoration is completed you have to tap on the Done button
  7. After that is done your device has been successfully restored from the back up data.

You can also Encrypt your Backed up files to protect them from others, let me show you

How to Encrypt Back Up Files in Xiaomi Mi 3:

  1. First Login to your Xiaomi account
  2. And while you are Backing Up your files, data and settings you have to tap on the Lock Button
  3. This will Encrypt the files which will be locked with your Xiaomi account and can be opened only when you login to your account

How to set automatic backup in xiaomi mi3
You can automatically back up your data on Xiaomi mi 3 by just activating a single button, tap on the backup app and launch it -> go to Settings -> scroll to find the automatic back up option -> Slide the button to right to activate it.

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