How to Automatically Pause and Resume Youtube while switching tabs in Firefox Browser

Youtube has included a new feature which many might just love as it is useful in everyday life, a feature called “Youtube auto Pause and Resume” which automatically pauses and resumes the YouTube Video, with this feature when you open a YouTube tab in the background, the video will start and continue to buffer. The feature can be activated with a Firefox add-on named “YouTube auto Pause and Resume”.

The Add-on needs to be installed on your Firefox browser and it automatically updates the settings and there will be no settings or installation process which has to be followed to activate the features. Let us see how to install the Add-on on your Firefox Browser.

How to Pause and Resume Youtube Videos while switching tabs in Firefox browser

Steps to install Add-on in Firefox Browser:

  • Click on this link – YouTube Auto Pause and Resume add-on
  • Here you will be seeing the option “Add to Firefox” option in under the Add-on description, click on it
  • Now a Add-on Downloading pop up window will appear
  • Another window will appear asking you permission to install the Add-on, click on “Install Now”

You might need to Restart your browser to complete the installation process and once the browser is restarted you will now see a notification box that the add-on has been installed successfully.

Note: This Add-on only functions when you switch between tabs in the same window.

With YouTube the second largest search engine after Google and with the increase in data speeds watching videos is on the rise and having such a feature in your browser will be very useful in saving data if you are having data restrictions as well. In case you are using multiple windows and YouTube is open in tabs in different windows the video will pause when you minimize Firefox even if the YouTube tab is active, the video will resume playing when you restore the window.

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