How to Add Custom Ringtones to Windows Lumia phones

Add Custom Ringtones to your Windows / Nokia Lumia smartphones by following the below given steps which is very simple to follow and you can easily customize your phone by adding custom ringtones as you wish. Let us start with the simple steps and then go to the software which are available with Nokia or Windows directly on your device.
How to set custom ringtones in windows lumia smart phones

Transfer Ringtones directly to folder:

You can easily transfer Ringtones to your device from your Computer directly by just copy pasting the ringtones from your Laptop or PC into the Ringtones folder of your device. Let me show you how this can be done in simple steps.

  • Connect your Windows / Nokia Lumia smart phone to your Laptop or PC using the USB cable provided to you in the box.
  • Your device will take some time to get recognized and set up if you are doing it for the first time.
  • Now go to File Explorer if your Laptop or PC has Windows 8 or Windows Explorer in Windows 7 and then click on Computer option in the sidebar.
  • Here you can see that your device will be recognized and shown in the Portable devices section
  • Just click and open it and now you can see two folders – Phone and SD card
  • Click on Phone as the Ringtones folder will be in the Phone folder.
  • You can now see various folders and along with them the Ringtones folder, click on it and open it.
  • You can see all the stored Ringtones which you already have in your device. All you have to do now is copy the ringtone or song which you want to set as ringtone in your device and then copy paste it in this folder.
  • Now close this folder and disconnect your device from the Laptop or PC and you can now find your custom tones or songs in the Ringtones section and set them and listen to your personal or favourite ringtone when ever your phone rings.

Use Ringtone Maker App:

Ringtone Maker app is another easy way to set custom ringtones in your Windows / Nokia Lumia devices.  Download and install this application form the store in your device and this being a free application lets you create specific ringtones suited for you having the desired length and size of the ringtone you wish to have.


  • Make sure that the songs which are being turned into ringtones are having DRM or Digital Rights management approval and they are not larger than 30MB.
  • WP7 running phones: Only MP3 files can be turned into Ringtones.
  • WP8 running phones:  This app supports  MP3, WMA, M4A, M4R, and AAC files to be made into ringtones.

After launching this application on your device select the song which you want to be made into a custom ringtone on your windows lumia phone. Now the song will be displayed as bar and you can drag and set the start and end points of the song by dragging the bar forward and backwards.

After you are satisfied with start and end points of the Ringtone which you have made you have to Save the ringtone which will be stored in the Ringtones folder in your device.

You can access the ringtones by going to the following folders Settings -> Ringtones + sounds -> Ringtone -> custom. Here you can find the custom ringtones which you have made with this app and these can be set for Ringtone, text message, Alarm, email and calender  alert as well.

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