How to Activate or Enable Do Not Disturb for Specific Contacts on iPhone

In this technology driven world, privacy has become a difficult thing to get and one thing which is annoying is getting calls at the wrong time, such as when you are waiting for an important call or are in a meeting. We can always put our phone in Silent or Do Not Disturb mode, but there is a chance that we might miss an important call or notification so there is an option to selectively turn on Do Not Disturb for certain contacts on your iPhone.

How to activate Do Not Disturb for specific Contact in iPhone and iPad

We will be explaining here how you can activate Do Not Disturb for specific contacts on iPhone. It is particularly important when you do not want to get notifications from only a single or a couple of contacts but receive notifications from all the other contacts.

How to Enable Do Not Disturb for Specific or Selective Contacts on iPhone:

Tap on the Messages App to launch it from your iPhone Home screen

Search for the contact which you want to turn on Do Not Disturb for

Tap on the Conversation of the Contact which open the Conversation page for the said contact

Now tap on the “i” icon on the right side top corner of the screen which opens the Details page

From the list below, go to Do Not Disturb option and tap on Toggle Switch to turn it from grey to Green which turns it “On”.

Now tap on “Done” which will save the setting for the specific contact and you are done

This surely helps in keeping your peace without being disturbed by unwanted messages at an unwanted time. If you want to Disable the Do Not Disturb option for the particular contact you can follow the same steps by going to the Details page of the Contact and turning the Toggle switch Off (tap on it to turn it from Green to Grey)

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