How to Activate or Enable Cloned / Dual Apps on Xiaomi smartphones

One of the best features introduced by Xiaomi recently is the Cloned or Dual Apps feature in the MIUI 8 ROM. With every smartphone now supporting Dual SIM cards, it will be useful if we could use two separate Apps for each SIM card such as WhatsApp which is synced with your phone number and even after having two separate SIM cards it is not possible to use two separate WhatsApp Applications on your smartphone. Xiaomi has the answer for us with the Cloned or Dual Apps feature which can help Xiaomi smartphone users running on MIUI 8 run two apps separately for Facebook or Twitter or WhatsApp etc. Each instance of the App will be running separately with its own settings and own backup synced to its account.

How to activate or enable cloned apps or dual Apps in Xiaomi smartphones running MIUI 8

Smartphones supporting Dual or Cloned Apps feature: All Xiaomi smartphones running on MIUI 8 or later – Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 3, Mi 5, Redmi 3s, Redmi 3s Prime, Mi Note 3, Redmi 2 prime etc.

How to Activate or Enable Dual or Cloned Apps feature in Xiaomi smartphones:

It is quite straight forward and simple to activate and use Dual Apps feature in Xiaomi smartphones

  • Tap and launch Settings App
  • Scroll through the list and tap on “Dual Apps” option under “Device settings”
  • You will find the list of various apps which are already installed on your device eligible to use as Dual or Cloned Apps
  • Search from the list of Apps to find the one which you want to clone, for example, Facebook or WhatsApp and tap on the toggle to activate it.
  • Go back to your Home page and you can find the Dual App or Cloned App in your App drawer (A yellow symbol will be seen on the Cloned App Icon to separate it from the original one)
  • Launch the Cloned or Dual App and Sign in and Log in using your credentials, now you can use the app as a separate entity.

Now that you are using two instances of the Application such as Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Amazon, Bookmyshow, etc you might be wondering how to uninstall the cloned app separately without affecting the original App from your Xiaomi device.

How to Uninstall Cloned or Dual App in Xiaomi smartphones:

Firstly make sure that you identify the cloned app, with the yellow color tag on the left side bottom of the App icon.

Press and hold the app icon and drag it to the top of the screen

You will be getting a drop down asking you whether you want to “Uninstall” the dual app permanently. Tap on Uninstall which will remove the Dual App permanently and also all the data in relation to the particular app.

Note: Each App comes with its own Data and settings which is not related to the original App, so you will not be losing the data of the original App if you delete or uninstall the Dual or cloned App.


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