How to Activate and use Fingerprint lock for WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp the most used Instant messaging Application has introduced a very important feature in their Version 2.19.221 update for Android devices – Fingerprint lock for WhatsApp. With this you can lock your WhatsApp application and it can only be opened using a Fingerprint. So before proceeding to activate this feature you need to make sure that you have updated the application to the latest version from Google Play Store. If you have turned off auto update option in Google Play Store you need to head there to manually update the app or you can go ahead and follow the steps to set up fingerprint lock on WhatsApp for android.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to activate the Fingerprint lock for your WhatsApp account.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp application and tap on three dots at the top right corner of your display

Step 2: Now tap on Settings then go to Account here will need to tap on Privacy and then tap on the Fingerprint lock option seen in the list

Step 3: Tap on the Toggle switch seen on the right of the option – Unlock with fingerprint

Step 4: You will be asked to verify your Fingerprint to turn on this feature

Step 5: You need to choose the automatic lock time span from the options — Immediately, After 1 minute, and After 30 minutes.

Step 6: You can also choose to hide the content and senders name from showing up in notifications on your home screen from prying eyes by turning the toggle off – Show content in notifications.

With this you have successfully activated the Fingerprint lock option for WhatsApp and depending on the time span you have set, you will be prompted to use your fingerprint to unlock the App when you launch it. There is a similar feature in iPhone’s where you can turn on facial recognition or Face ID feature to unlock WhatsApp.

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