How to activate Double Tap to Wake Screen on MIUI 7 and Xiaomi Mi 5

Xiaomi has introduced the Double to wake Screen or Display feature in its Mi4c and Mi4i smartphone and the feature has also been added to MIUI 7 which brings the feature to all of Xiaomi devices. If you are using any of the devices like the Mi 5, Mi 4i, Mi 4c, etc you can follow this tutorial to activate the Double to wake screen feature on your Xiaomi device.

This feature is disabled on the device by default and it has to be activated by going into the Settings. With this feature users can now turn the display on without pressing the power button and just by double tapping on the screen. For devices which do not have this feature available in settings can use it with the help of Nova Launcher available in Play Store.

How to activate Double to Wake Screen in Xiaomi Mi 5

Steps to activate Double Tap to Wake Screen / Display in Xiaomi Devices (Mi 5):

The feature is available by default in Xiaomi devices like Xiaomi Mi4c, Mi4i, Mi 5 etc. All we have to do it go to settings and turn the option on which will be explained in a step by step manner here.

  1. Tap on Settings and under the options tap on the Display option
  2. In the Display options page under System you will be finding the “Double Tap screen to wake” option
  3. On the right you will find the Toggle option which lets you turn the option On or Off, you can tap on it to turn in On

And that will be it, you have successfully activated the double to wake screen feature in your Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone. Now you can just double tap on your display to wake it, this feature was available in devices like Asus, Lenovo etc and if your manufacturer is not providing the feature it can be obtained by installing Nova launcher. You can also see here – How to change Default Launcher in Xiaomi Devices.

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