How to access Notifications while playing Fullscreen Games in Android

In case of Nexus 5 as it already has such an option inbuilt to view notifications anywhere and anytime also while playing full screen games all you have to do is:

On your Nexus 5 Smartphone screen Swipe from top to bottom of the screen which will show you the Notifications bar which will have all the notifications which you have missed while playing the game. In some Android devices the notifications bar is available but in some other devices the option is not available so you have to follow this technique to check your notifications on your android device while playing full screen games like Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies etc.
how to see notifications while playing full screen games in android devices
There are many Apps in Google Play store which will help you look at any notifications while playing games and not interfere in the progress of your game because when you try to check any notifications sometimes the game gets closed and you will be loosing all the progress, I use an App called Bird Bar Notifications Tool which is available for free in Google Play Store.

  1. Go to Google Play store and type “Bird Bar Notifications Tool”
  2. Now Install the application on your android Tablet or Smartphone
  3. That’s it all you have to do now is go back to your home screen and play the fullscreen game which you like and never worry of loosing any game progress when  a notification appears.
  4. When you get a notification all you have to do is swipe from any side of your display towards the centre of the screen and the notification which you received will appear as seen in the image above.

This is a simple trick which will make us enjoy the gaming on our smartphone or Tablet easy and stress free. There are many other apps which will do the same thing so if you find any other app which is better than this or is more useful than this application do let us know in the comments below.

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