Google Maps gets Parking Spot Reminder Feature for iOS and Android – How to use it

Google has introduced a new feature in the Google Maps application for iOS and Android devices in the latest update, which helps the app remember where you parked your vehicle or car. This is a very helpful feature for many users with the increase in the number of vehicles on roads and the huge parking spaces in malls, shopping centers, supermarkets etc making it difficult to get a parking space and more difficult to find your car after coming out. We are expecting it to be a way for Google to build their own parking spot database using crowdsourcing from this feature. It is a great feature which can be helpful in everyday life.

How to use parking spot reminder in Google Maps for Android or iOS devices

How to Use Parking Spot Reminder Feature in Google Maps for iOS and Android devices:

The feature is quite straight forward for both iOS and Android devices, first make sure that you have updated the Google Maps application of your iOS or Android device to the latest version from the Play Store or App Store.

  • Launch the Google Maps App on your smartphone if you are not using it to get to the location
  • You will be seeing your current location as a blue dot on the map, tap on it
  • A Pop-up menu with options appears from the bottom of the screen, tap on “Save your Parking”
  • This will save your Car or Bike Parking location on Google Maps to accessed later
  • Once you are done with your shopping or meeting etc, you can know the location of your vehicle by opening the Google Maps application and you can see the “Saved parking” option on the map
  • Tap on it and you can then use the directions option to get to your vehicle using the map

It is a great new feature from Google which is very useful in everyday life, Google gives you the option to name the parking area, do any corrections for the GP directions for the place and even upload any photos of the parking place. You can even share the parking spot location with your friends and family using the Share option in Saved parking section.

We are expecting Google to launch their own Global parking spot database or an option to search for any empty parking spots in the vicinity directly from Google Maps which can be very useful and save a lot of time for many commuters. So make sure that you use this feature and contribute to it.

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