Google Glass Hacked even before Launch

The much hyped and anticipated Google Glass termed as the wearable computer has already been hacked, with 1 year still to go for its public release. Google Glass was Hacked by some hackers.

What does hacking Google Glass mean ?

  • Once the hacker get saccess to your Google Glass can remotely see and hear the Video and Audio from your Google Glass and this information can be directly transmitted online for everyone to see. The hacker can see and hear remotely everything the wearer does.

Who hacked Google Glass ?

  • Jay “Saurik” (iPhone unlock fame) Freeman who said “Nothing is safe once your Google Glass has been hacked”. These hackers have already hacked iPhone and Android handsets.
Google glass hacked

These will be the posters outside offices after release

Although Google Glass does not go for sale until next year, the attack raises some major security and privacy questions over google plans for the Device. Once the attacker roots on Google Glass, they have much more power than they had access to one’s phone or Computer. The bugged glass watches and hears everything we see and hear making privacy a thing of the past.

Hope Google gets well prepared before launching Google Glass to bear the brunt of Hackers who have already hacked into the system and wonder what they will do once the device is released, this puts the owner in great danger as Personal, Professional and Secrets can be revealed. Wonder what kind of cases Google has to face once the Glass is released.

Google Glass is supposedly being priced at $1500 and sold only to some developers, after 1 year it will be available in market for everyone to own.


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