Google Fiber to introduce 1Gbps Broadband in Telangana India

Google which has one of the fastest broadband service in the U.S and yet making it affordable to its users is planning to launch its service in India and that too in the recently formed state of Telangana.

If you see the service provided by Google Fiber which is available only in Kansas city where 1Gbps, 100 Mbps and free 5Mbps plans were introduced in 2011. After trying out their service Google is now planning to introduce their service even in US cities like Austin, Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, Provo, Raleigh-Durham and Salt Lake city and other 34 cities in United States.

Google fiber 1Gbps plan in telangana

Coming to the introduction of the 1Gbps plan in India was successful after the recent visit of Telangana’s IT minister KT Rama Rao had requested Google to send a team to India to examine the feasibility of their high speed fiber broadband services in Telangana.

“A request has been made by the state IT and panchayat raj minister K T Rama Rao during his ongoing two-week tour in the US. Google has agreed to the request and is expected to send in its team to the state pretty soon,” Telangana’s government officials reported.

This is also a major upgrade in the Internet service in Telangana which is coming along with the treaty which was signed with Google to set up its largest facility outside U.S which is being planned in Gachibowli in Hyderabad. This facility is going to be spread over 7.2 acres and will be able to accommodate almost 14,000 employees at once and will be completed by 2019.

Telangana State government has advised Google to take help of its upcoming Telangana Drinking Water project where many duct lines will be laid and which can also be used by Google to set up their high speed broadband lines. Hope that this time at least Google Fiber team will surely make a permanent decision on the 1Gbps broadband.

In India the Internet plans are very low compared to other countries and the major service providers like BSNL and Reliance are providing very slow Internet speeds at high rates. In Hyderabad there is a seemingly faster ISP which was earlier called as Beam Telecom and not renamed as ACT which is providing 15 Mbps speed at affordable rates which is very low when compared to the speeds in US but very high when compared to the speeds provided by other companies.

You can check Google Fiber plans in Kansas city here in the official Google fiber site: Google Fiber Plans and details

If the Google Fiber plan is introduced it will be a boon as 1 Gbps plan will be a great hit and the other plans like the 100 Mbps plan will also be a good deal to Indians. The 5 Mbps plan can be used for free without any data cap on any given address for a period of up to 7 years. Post the free usage period, the users can subscribe to any gigabit plan of their liking.

Hoping that Google Fiber will be introduced in India soon or atleast by the time Google Office is completed in 2019 will greatly help India as the service can be spread to other states and drastically improve the internet speeds all over India.

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