List of Google Chrome Errors and their Solutions

Google Chrome is one of the most used Web Browsers around and the number of errors reported by users is also very high so here we are going to give descriptions and possible solutions to certain Errors which were reported.

In Windows there are mostly errors named as numbers but in Google Chrome they are described as sentences mostly so here we are listing out the most common Errors and Crashes in Google Chrome.

How to fix Google Chrome errors and CrashesList of Errors and Crashes in Google Chrome and their Solutions:

1) Error 124


This Error is seen when your computer is not able to load the webpage you have requested mostly due to problem with the Winsok Layer Service Provider LSP) – It is the feature of Microsoft Windows which inserts itself into the TCP/IP and can intercept and modify inbound and outbound Internet traffic. So check your Winsock_LSP if you find this error in Google Chrome.

Solution to Error 124: 

  • Check your Malware and if need required Remove it.
  • Deactivate your LSP by using Windows Defender’s Software Explorer or other third-party utilities to disable LSPs installed on your computer.

2) He’s Dead Jim:

It is an Error seen when due to lack of memory the operating system has terminated the tab’s process or if you have terminated the process which is showing this message using the Task Manager.

Solution to “He’s Dead Jim” error:

  • Try reloading the page if you have terminated the page in task manager
  • Try closing some unwanted tabs to clear momory if the message appeared on its own

3) Win32/Sirefef.gen!C malware:

If this message appears your computer is most likely being attacked by a virus named “Sirefef.gen!C” which is a serious virus attack which can lead to loos of your personal information like Passwords and other sensitive data which can be used against you. You need to act immediately as this Virus affects all aspects of your system and not just Chrome.

Solution to Win32/Sirefef.gen!C malware Error:

  • Use an Antivirus on your System to scan and remove this virus
  • Use Microsoft Security Essentials which will recognize and remove the virus from your system

4) Unable to find a previously installed App or Extension:

This Error Occurs in case of some of the following reasons mentioned here like when you have uninstalled an App by mistake, app was suspected to be harmful and removed automatically, when browser user profile may have become corrupted, App developer updated some new permission which were not met by your browser settings.

Solution for this Error:

  • Go to Chrome Store and Reinstall the app
  • Create a new profile if the reason was corrupt user profile
  • Update permissions to make sure the App or Extension is accepted by your browser

These are some of the complicated errors which are most commonly seen by users and hope the solutions are helpful. Do let us know if have any problems regarding Google Chrome Crashes or Errors.

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