Get Reliance Jio Free SIM with every smartphone priced over Rs. 10000

Reliance Jio 4G has been a runaway success even before its official launch which is expected to be on Aug 15th and the effects of the pre-launch offers by the company are seen on other telecom operators. Reliance has been giving away free Jio SIM cards with every LYF smartphone purchase and recently has tied up with Samsung to give free JIO SIM and the preview offer as well with its devices – List of Samsung devices to get Reliance Jio SIM card. If you are someone who is not interested in buying a Samsung smartphone or a LYF device there is some good news for you – Reliance is planning to give a free Jio SIM card with purchase of every smartphone priced Rs. 10,000 or above

The Jio SIM cards which will be given away with the smartphones will be eligible to get the free Preview offer from the company which comes with unlimited SMS, video calls, 4500 minutes of voice calls and the most important – Unlimited 4G Data which is said to be coming with speeds up to 65Mbps. For getting the SIM card you need to download and Install multiple Jio apps.

Relaince Jio 4G commonly asked questions and doubts answered

Earlier the offer which was limited to Samsung devices is expected to be extended to any smartphone priced Rs. 10,000 or above and this offer is expected to be announced this weekend and we will be knowing further details regarding how to apply to this offer and how to get the Free Jio SIM with any smartphone above Rs. 10000 and will be updating this space about the same.

We are expecting that Reliance might put some restrictions like the device must be purchased from Reliance Digital stores etc which is not clear at this point of time. Another thing which many have noticed is that those who have received a free SIM with the purchase of LYF smartphones can use the SIM in any smartphone, I have personally tried the SIM in an iPhone, LeMax 2 and Galaxy S6 all of which have no problem in Data or calls.


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