How to Fix Unfortunately the process has stopped Error

This Error has been around sometime now and it is not specific to any apps but it has been seen with many Apps by users and as it states mean the Google Apps. There are many solutions and suggestions mentioned in many forums across the internet but none seemed to have worked for me. So I thought of trying out one thing which was mentioned in a Google App developers forum about a different Error and it worked.

How to fix Unfortunately the process has stopped

There are actually two things which worked for me one was temporary in my case but other users were good with this and never saw the Error again when I used it in my Nexus 5 device and the second Solution helped fix the problem forever. This Error has been seen mostly on Nexus devices like Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 9 compared to other devices like Motorola or Samsung devices.

Solution 1 –¬†Clearing Cache and Data of App showing this Error:

This solution is useful when any particular App is showing this Error and in this case all you have to do is Clear Cache and Data for the App and you will be ready to go.

Go to Settings -> Tap on Applications

Now scroll through the list to find the app which is showing the Error

Tap on it and you can see Clear Cache and Clear Data options

Before that tap on the Force Stop the Application to stop it from running in the background

Then Tap on Clear Cache and then tap on Clear Data.

Now go back to Home Screen and Launch the App with which you were facing this Error to check if the Error is popping up again or is fixed.

Mostly the Error should not appear but if you are facing the Error once again like before then you have to try the 2nd Solution which I am going to explain in this post.

Solution 2 –¬†Log Out of Google Account and Clear Data of Google Apps:

This Solution has worked for almost everyone and should be useful to you as well.

Log Out of your Google Account in your Smartphone which can be done by going to the Google Account Manager.

Go to Settings and then tap on Apps

Now scroll through the Applications list and find the Apps which are having Google name in it or are Google Apps

Now tap on each Google App and Clear Data and after completing all the apps

Go back to your Google Account and Log into it once again.

Now you have Restart your smartphone.

Now try and use the apps which you were earlier facing the Error in and you will not be finding any Error this time in any of the Apps which showed the Error earlier.

If you are still facing the Error after following this step then you have to Uninstall the application and re-install it to get the Error fixed.

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