Fix for “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped” issue

Google play store is the official app store for Android operating system consoles. It is the only default way to install new applications such as games or utilities and you are in the soup if the Google play stops to work. you can install all the apps through Google Play store installed in your Android mobile and also through your Computer or PC.

Launching Google Play Store

The error window “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has Stopped.” might suddenly pop up on your screen or when you try to open the play store, it will just close off by itself. This post is to show you how you can solve or fix when play store has stopped in your Android mobile or Tablet.

The very first thing to fix the issue is to clear the cache of the play store application and try running it again and here is how you do it :

Settings - Apps

Settings –> Applications –> All –> Google Play Store –> Click on Force close and Clear cache –> Restart the mobile.

Google Play Store

If the above fix doesn’t work you can further disable and re-enable the download manager and reboot the phone and this is how you can do it :

Settings –> Applications –> All –> Download Manager –> Disable

Now re-enable the Download manager

Settings –> Applications –> All –> Download Manager (might be present at the very bottom of the list) –> Enable/Turn-On
You can then optionally restart your device.

Download Manager

Now verify from the running applications that Download manager is not turned off.

Go back to the home screen and launch the Google Play Store.

If it still doesn’t work you might have reset your phone to factory settings and hope that the issue gets resolved.

Settings –> Backup & reset –> Factory data reset
Note : Don’t forget to back up your data before executing this option as it will wipe off all the personal data on your phone.

Hope the above steps will resolve the play store issue and do let us know if you have any doubts or any other way with which you could resolve the above issue.

If none of the steps mentioned above have resolved the issue you might have to delete and re-install the Google Play store and a tutorial on that will be covered soon.

Also you can request the support by contacting the Play store help desk if all the above steps do not work.

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