How to Fix or Solve “Authentication is required” Error in Google Play Store in Android devices

There are many Errors and problems which have been seen with Apps and also sometimes with Google Play Store as well, one such Error is the “Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account. Retry” on opening Google Play Store. This message is seen even after logging into Google Play Store with your Gmail account details. Thinking that this might be with any particular mail I.D I tried to login with another working I.D to see that the result was the same, I was facing the same error.

This Error prevents us from Updating an already existing App or installing a new application on to your Android smartphone, but the same was possible when accessing Play store through my Desktop or PC and was able to Update or Install applications through it. Although this is a walk around but not the permanent solution to the problem. After trying out some things I came to a conclusion that this Error is due to any old files or cache in the App which is preventing from logging in, so follow the steps mentioned below to fix it.

how to fix or solve authentication required error in google play store

Clear Cache and Data in Google Play store to fix Authentication is required Error:

Clearing Data and Cache from Google Play store will remove any data stored preventing the Authentication process in Google Play Store. Follow the steps mentioned below to clear cache and data in Play Store App in any Android smartphone running on Android Lollipop or Android Marshmallow OS.

  • Tap on Settings and then go to System Settings
  • Now tap on the Apps option and then on App
  • From the list of Apps scroll down and tap on “Google Play store” App
  • Here you need to tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache options
  • Go back to the Homepage and close the Play Store Application and launch it again and try updating or downloading any application which was showing this error.

The same should be done with “Google Service Framework” to clear Data and Cache if the above step did not do the trick.

Method 2: Remove Gmail account in device settings and add it back:

This trick has also helped in fixing the Authentication error in Google Play store for some users.

  • Tap on Settings and then for Android Lollipop you need to tap on Accounts while in android Marshmallow you will be seeing the options Google under Personal, tap on it.
  • Select the Gmail account which is synced to your Play Store App in case you are having multiple Gmail accounts synced to your device.
  • On the right side top of the display you will be seeing a three dot icon, tap on it and select either “Remove account” or “Cancel Sync”.
  • Close settings and now open Google Play Store App and enter the Google Account which you want to use and see If the error is fixed.

Method 3: Uninstall Google Play Store Update: (Earlier than Android Lollipop)

This Trick works only for Android Lollipop or Earlier OS like the Android KitKat OS and does not work for devices running on Android 6 Marshmallow or Android 7 Nougat.

  • Go to Settings and then tap on Apps
  • Tap on All to see the list of Apps, scroll down to select Google Play Store
  • You will be seeing the option “Uninstall updates” tap on it

This action is said to revert the Google Play Store App updates and will take it back to its original form which might fix the Error which might be due to any bug due to any recent updates.

Do let us know if these tricks have fixed the Authentication Required Error in Google Play Store and if you have found any other tricks please share with us, as we can update it here and help others who are in need for it.

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