Find My iPhone app

Many a times we tend to loose or forget where we have left our iPhone. We also might leave the phone in silent and forget where we last left it.  Find My iPhone is an app that would help us locate where our iPhone is. It is a simple tool that helps us to identify our phone wherever  it might be.  It takes only about a minute or two to use it.


Given below are few easy steps for using it.

Steps :-

  1. We need to set up/install Find My iPhone app on out device first. Once we are done with that we can go to
  2. We have to log in the account we have set up while installing the app. It would normally be our Apple iTunes account.
  3. As soon as we log in to the account, Find My iPhone app will start locating where our device is. It keeps track of all the places it was seen and used. It keeps giving messages on screen while this happens. A very important feature in this app is that it will identify the last location on the map where this phone was used even if it is switched off. The app starts locating the phone as soon as it is turned on.
  4. Now here is how we know where our phone is. The app first locates our device. Then it zooms to the location on the map and identifies the device using a blue dot. We have the convenience of zooming in and out of the map for a better understanding of the location. There a different type of views for the map such as satellite view and hybrid view.
  5. Now once our device is found, a pop up window appears over the blue dot. It has several options displayed in it. If by any chance we lose the pop up window we can click on the blue dot and the window reappears.


The options are very simple.

Send a message to the device or play a sound – We can inform anyone who possess our phone through a message which appears as a text message on the phone. We can also play a sound on the phone which can be used when we feel we have misplaced the phone in our house or car or office room.

Putting a lock on the phone – We can lock the phone by enabling a pass code for accessing the phone. We can remotely enable the pass code even  if we didn’t have it earlier on the phone. This will prevent anyone from accessing the information on the phone which could be important.

For enabling the pass code we have to click on the “lock button”, then enter the 4-digit pass code twice. After this we have to click ” lock ” again. Now the device gets locked and is not accessible to anyone.

Going a step further we can enhance the security for the device. If we have some vital  information which should not be accessed to anyone then we can also delete the information from the device. For deleting the information we have to click “Wipe” button on the app. Once we click on the Wipe button we get a warning which says ‘don’t do this unless you’re absolutely sure you want to’. We have to click on the box which says ‘you  understand what you’re doing.

Then click on “Erase All Data” button. By doing this all the data will be deleted from the device thereby preventing anyone from accessing it.

We can restore all the data once we get back the phone from the backup we would have created earlier.

These are the ways we can track and find our device when we lose it.

This is a very good app which is also easy to  use.

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