Features Apple Copied in iOS7 from Jailbreak Apps

Apple iOS 7 is a very designed or i must say collected Operating system, where many features were taken from many Operating Systems, but i have noticed that most of the new features were already present in Apps which were available after Jailbreaking your iPhone.

I am going to mention some of the features which were a direct copy from the Apps available after jailbreaking your iPhone. With increase in the number of Operating Systems and the rate at which growth is seen, it is not possible to get all new features from anyone.

Notification Center on Lock Screen:

Lets start with the Lock Screen, earlier notifications were not seen on the Lock Screen of your iPhone but in iOS 7 you can see certain Notification on your Lock screen which a great feature enabling you to see the notifications without unlocking your device. This was seen long back in an App called “Bulletin” in Cydia.iOS7 features apple copied from Jailbreak Apps

Dynamic Wallpaper:

This is another feature which was copied from an App named “LivePapers” in Cydia. This allows users to scroll the wallpaper like we have seen in Android devices earlier, and also we can now have Live Wallpapers. There is another feature which makes the wallpaper change with change in position of the phone giving it a 3D effect, it was earlier seen with the app named DeepEnd

App Switcher:

This is another feature taken directly from “Auxo” Jailbreak App. It is very neat and good looking but there is nothing new in what we have got. You have seen that the App switcher or the multitasker feature also looks similar to another famous Operating System.

Control Center:

This is one feature which i did not expect to give user complete control to do customization that SBSettings jailbreak app allows us to do, but still something is better than nothing is all we can say. Control center is a welcome change to Apple iOS.

Blurred Notification Center:

When you open the notification center it was an opaque dark background in iOS6, but now it will be translucent with the background slightly visible and this is not something which is seen for the first time, but was available long back from “FastBlurredNotificationCenter”  jailbreak app from the time iOS6 was released.

Live Clock:

This is another simple feature which was earlier not available in iOS6, the Clock App will now show present time and not a preset time like before, this was earlier possible with the “LiveClock” jailbreak app.

There are many more such features which were copied from Both Cydia apps and some from Android, Windows 8 etc but all in all it is a good aggregation of features which will surely enhance the iOS appearance and useability for its Apple products users.

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