How to Disable Face ID in Apple iPhone X (Tutorial)

Apple has launched their latest smartphone, the iPhone X on their 10th anniversary alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. With the iPhone X Apple has gone a step ahead and has removed the Fingerprint sensor all together replacing it with Face ID as the new security feature. Apple is reluctant to place the Fingerprint sensor on the back of the device which might be due to the placement of the Apple Logo in the middle which might be in way for the proper location of the sensor.

How to disable FaceID in iPhone X

Apple has made it clear in the presentation that Face ID feature is a lot safer and secure than TouchID. TouchID is easy to use when compared to move your phone towards your face whenever you want to unlock the device which can be a bit inconvenient in some situations. So if you are someone who want the iPhone X for all of its other features like the amazing bezel less display, the camera, wireless charging etc but are not particularly a fan of the FaceID we are sharing a tutorial on How to Diable Face ID security feature on your iPhone X.

Steps to Disable Face ID in iPhone X from settings:

  • First you need to press and hold the Volume Up or Down button along with the Power button at the same time for 3-5 seconds
  • You will be seeing the same Emergency screen as the earlier iPhone models
  • Here you can Disable FaceID and set Password or Pin lock to unlock your device

When will Face ID disable on its own:

  • When the iPhone X is rebooted
  • If you failed to unlock in 5 attempts using Face ID
  • If you haven’t unlocked your iPhone X in over 48 hours with Face ID
  • If you haven’t unlocked iPhone X with a passcode or at all in six and a half days

The reason for temporarily disabling FaceID on your Phone is in case of any emergency situations or when you want someone else to unlock and use your phone when you are busy somewhere else etc. So it is useful to disable Face ID temporarily and set a password or PIN.

You can set FaceID to selectively function in certain situations like using Apple Pay purchases, iTunes or App store purchases etc.

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