How to disable auto-play Sound in Videos on Facebook Timeline

Facebook is the most used social networking platform with the user count reaching 2 billion monthly users last month, which is massive in terms of the connectivity and the reach Facebook has all around the world. With millions of users sharing photos and Videos daily, the viewing experience is being improved by each passing day. One of latest features related to Videos being, Auto-play of videos with sound as you scroll through the posts on your timeline, this can be very frustrating when you are in a quiet place and suddenly some video starts playing loudly embarrassing you.

Luckily along with including this irritating feature, Facebook has given an option to turn off the feature – Videos in News Feed start with a sound option which is enabled by default for every user. Along with being irritating, this feature also eats up your battery life and your data balance as each video played consumes data to load. So to save your data balance, battery life due to this auto play feature of videos on Facebook timeline, follow the below given steps to turn it off.

How to Stop Auto Play Videos in News Feed with Sound in Facebook Timeline

Steps to Turn Off or Disable Auto Play of Videos with Sound on Facebook Timeline:

Note: Update your Facebook App to the latest version if you are using your phone. Updated on September 2018.

  1. On your Facebook App in your smartphone, you have to click on the Three horizontal lines icon on the top right corner
  2. From the list of options scroll down to tap on “Settings”
  3. Now tap on Media and Settings
  4. Here you can find “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound” option and the toggle option beside it is blue
  5. Tap on the toggle bar on the right of the text to turn it off

That is it, you have successfully turned Off Auto Play of Videos with sound on your Timeline while scrolling through it. Now while playing Videos on your Facebook Timeline, the audio will turn on when you click on the Speaker icon which is located  on the lower right corner of the Video box. We will be updating many such small but useful tips and tutorials to help make your life easier.

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