How to Delete or Clear Instagram Search History

Instagram is the largest Photo sharing social networking app which can keep you stuck to it thanks to the numerous photo and video updates being done every second. There have been a constant inclusion of updates to the application since it was started in 2010 and it has grown to be one of the leading photo sharing apps in both Android and iOS devices.

How to clear Instagram search history

Like every application, Instagram also has a Search or Explore tab which lets you search for your celebrity, brand, person or something like baby or dog photos. And maybe some searches are just better to be private and not for everyone to see (if you know what I mean) when someone accidentally sees what you have been searching which can be quite embarrassing. So here is a simple way to delete or clear Instagram search history to prevent others from viewing them.

Steps to Clear Instagram Search History

Launch Instagram application on your smartphone, tap on your profile picture located on the bottom right of the screen to take you to your profile

Now tap on the three dot icon located on the right side top of the screen to enter the Options menu

Under the options, scroll down and tap on Clear Search History 

You will be asked if you are sure about deleting your search history, tap on  “Yes, I’m sure” to go ahead and clear your search history

You are done, you will successfully delete all the previous searches stored in Search history in your Instagram account

Note: This step will delete only the search history on the selected account, in case you are using multiple accounts in Instagram.  “How to use multiple accounts in Instagram“. To clear search history from all the accounts in Instagram you need to follow the same steps in all the accounts manually by switching to those accounts one after the other.

So to make sure that you keep your search history clear, keep doing the same steps whenever you want to clear the history as once you search for anything using Instagram search the term will be stored in history until you clear it.

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