How to Create and Share Self Distructing Notes or Messages

You must have seen in Scifi movies, Detective movies/TV Series about Self Destruct messages sent through text or Online, used to conceal secret messages which will be destructed after a certain period of time or once the message is read. Those apps and tricks are not just Restricted to James Bond or any famous detective but you can use it as well with the help of “Burn Note”.

Many times i wished for a chatting service which had an incognito mode which will erase the chat once we close it or even while we are chatting to keep certain things confidential. That is when i started searching and all i could find was this “Burn Note” which allows us to send Notes to people with a Self Destruct time stamp. When the time is reached the Note will get deleted automatically never to be found again.

Burn Note says “Every message on Burn Note is automatically deleted using a timer when it is opened. Deleted Burn Notes are completely erased and can not be recovered. While being viewed, our patent-pending Spotlight system makes message contents resistant to copying, capture via screenshots, and the glances of curious bystanders”

Let us now Learn How to Create a Note – Set Timer – Share with others:

  1. Go to Burn Note, Website:, Apps are present in iTunes and Android Play store as well.
  2. Enter Username and Password and Login to your Account.
  3. Click on the Create Note buttonhow to send message with self destruct - Burn note compose note
  4. Enter the Note that you want to Send
  5. And now click on the “Options” button – You will be getting options Type of note, Timer (Yes/No), Duration of Note before deletion, Password for to send message with self destruct - Burn note options set timer
  6. Enter the following details and then Click on Send.
  7. Now a Box will open with a specific unique Link, which should be sent to the other person with whom you want to share the text with.

After the other person opens the Note He/She will have a limited amount of time to view the message which you have set the timer on, and you can even send a Password with which you can secure your message even further. This App or Software is amazing which gives you the much needed security in some instance and also makes you feel like a Secret Agent on some mission. how to send message with self destruct - Burn note

The image above is the example of how the other person will see the message you have sent, and the timer can be seen on top of the text which will be counting depending on the time you have set, after which it will self destruct.


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