Comparison of XBox One vs Playstation Prices and Release

The 2 big wigs of the Gaming industry XBox and Play Station are coming up with their new and improved models namely Xbox One and Playstation 4 respectively. Sony and Microsoft both having their Events recently have revealed some features, hardware and some restrictions related to their respective Gaming Consoles.

We can see that Sony has surely made it very competitive to Microsoft by pricing its Gaming console PS 4 a cool $100 less than Xbox One in United States. And also many Gaming freaks are exited about the used gaming permission which are better in Play station compared to that of xbox. And the fact that Xbox requires Internet connection to perform most of its functions is also a minus point.  Xbox one vs PS 4 release date and Pricing

Microsoft Xbox One Release date and Pricing:

  • Release Date: November
  • Microsoft announced that Xbox One will be priced at $499 in the USA
  • It is being launched in UK where it will be priced at £429
  • In Europe the Xbox One will be priced at 499 Euros

Sony Play Station 4:

  • Release Date: Holiday Season (No specific date or month was given)
  • In USA Sony Play Station 4 is priced at $399
  • In UK Sony Play Station 4 is priced at  £349
  • In Europe Sony Play Station 4 is priced at: 399 Euros

Another Fact that Xbox will be delayed in Asia until late 2014 is a big setback to the gaming freaks in the Asian Continent with big markets like China and India waiting for the device.

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