How to Clear or Free up RAM and Storage space on Xiaomi Mi TV 4A

Xiaomi earlier this month had launched their two new Smart Televisions, the Mi TV 4A in two sizes – 32-inch HD ready and 43-inch FullHD smart TVs at an impressive and aggressive pricing for the Indian market. Both the smart TVs come with Android OS with the company’s UI layer on top. The UI helps in learning user preferences thanks to AI technology and give recommendations based in usage patterns.

As it runs on Android OS, it does come with RAM and Storage and with the AI technology running in the background to keep itself updated and give suggestions, the storage space and RAM get filled up fast and might affect the OS speed and performance as seen in your smartphone. So to keep your Mi TV 4 and 4a up and running fast and seamless it is best to clear RAM and Storage space to free up space for Apps etc.

How to clean or clear RAM and Storage cacheand data in Mi TV 4a

The Mi TV 4 and 4A come with  2GB RAM and 8GB internal storage for the Mi TV 4A 43-inch device while the 32-inch Mi TV 4A comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB storage. Out of this 3GB of ROM is taken up by the system itself and it leaves little space after the installation of your favorite apps. So it is useful to get rid of unnecessary data and cache in your Mi TV 4 and 4A.

Steps to Clear RAM and Storage cache and Data for Mi TV 4A:

To check the amount of Storage space and RAM available in your Mi TV 4 and 4A, Xiaomi has included an app called TV Manager which shows you all the storage and RAM data like – System, App and App data, others and the amount of memory used and number of apps running.

Go to My Apps section in your Mi TV 4 or 4A

From the list of Applications, click on TV manager application (rocket icon)

Below the complete list of details mentioned on the App, you can see an option called “Optimize” which takes care of all the unnecessary cache and data in the system.

This does and over all cleaning of the system, but if you need to choose what you want to delete or clear and what to leave you can do a specific you can choose from Memory Boost, Trash Clean, Deep Clean etc. 

If you want to completely Reset your device, you can do so from Deep Clean option and reset your whole Mi TV.

You can even set your Mi TV for Automatic Clean up as well which does a clean up based on the time you set without your intervention.

This is a very useful and important option to make sure that you keep your Smart TV up and running without any trouble. At a price of Rs. 13,999 for the 32-inch variant and Rs. 22,999 for the 43-inch variant, the Mi TV 4A is a steal deal and gives all the other television manufacturers tough competition.

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