Chevrolet introduces tiny AC for cooling smartphones in Car

In a latest advancement in the smartphone industry the US based automobile giant Chevrolet has got the thought of introducing a tiny personal air-conditioner (AC) dedicated only for your smartphone.It is being called as “Active Phone Cooling” which will be introduced in your Car which will help to cool down your car and in turn improves battery life and also the performance f your device.The cool-air emitter is directly connected to your car’s air conditioning and ventilation system.

Chevrolet introduces tiny ac to cool your smartphone in car

“Over time, regular overheating can do permanent damage to the lithium ion batteries that power our smartphones. I always recommend keeping your phone in a cool, ventilated place, where it can stay at a comfortable room temperature, whether it’s charging or discharging,” said Jeffrey Van Camp, deputy editor of Digital Trends was quoted as saying.

This tiny secondary AC vent is placed on a little tray below your dashboard where a tray is provided to set your smartphone. The models which will be getting the cooling system are Impala, Malibu, Volt and Cruze models which are also coming with wireless charging.

The battery life of smartphones is also decreasing because of the constant use in your car to play music and also to take calls using the hands-free option in your car. These along with charging the device at the same time is increasing the heat in devices. So the option to get Cooling and charging at the same time along with the option to use your smartphone is a welcome feature and people who are getting a new Chevrolet Car are going to enjoy this feature for user.

Guess you can even place some food item and cool it like a can of cool drink or any beverage on the go. This tray provided is capable of holding smartphones and not tablets which might not fit in easily enough in the tray.

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