How to Change, Add or Remove WhatsApp Group admin

The best Instant messaging app at the moment, WhatsApp has more than a billion users and is the leading messaging App in Google Play Store and Apple Store as well. The messaging service took off with the introduction of Groups which had a restricted number of members earlier but now supports 256 members in a group which lets you create Groups which can broadcast your business and other offers in a personal level reaching to the targetted audience or share with your close family and friends.

Each group requires an Admin to add a new member or invite a new member before adding him or her to the particular group. Multiple members can be made as admins to a group to help in either adding or removing any members to the group. So if you wish to know How to Add or How to change a Group Admin in Whats App group here is the procedure to do so.

Steps to Add or Remove Multiple Admins to a WhatsApp Group:

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp and go to the Group for which you want to Add or Remove any user as an Admin

Step 2: Tap on the Group Icon or the Group name on the top of the screen

Step 3: In the Group Info page you will be seeing the list of users or members in the Group

Step 4: Tap on the Member or User you want to make as an admin or the existing Group Admin you want to remove

How to Add or remove Group Admins in Whatsapp Group

Step 5: You will be seeing the options in a pop up box – Remove ____ from group or Add ___ to group Admins, tap on the required option

Step 6: It is done you have successfully made a user as a Group admin or you have removed an existing group admin from the post.

If you want to add multiple users to the group admins list, you need to first Add the user to the group and then follow the same process mentioned above to Add the member to the Group Admin post.

It is a pretty simple and straightforward process of Adding and removing Admins to a WhatsApp Group. Do let us know in the comments below if this tutorial was useful or not and if there are any changes required.

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