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Top smartphones with Quad HD or 2K resolution Display

Smartphones are not just getting smarter by the day with powerful internals like processors and mind blowing 6GB – 8GB RAM the display is also getting better and better to the point when some have claimed that the human eye will not be able to recognize beyond a certain pixel density. Even after such news,

Top 5 Best iPhone VR Apps and Games

With the improving technology the latest trend being Virtual Reality, if you are looking to enter the world of VR with your iPhone and any VR headset be it a cheap one or costly one, we are here to give you a list of VR Apps with which you can get the complete immersive VR experience

List of Xiaomi Smartphones to get MIUI 8 update

Xiaomi has announced their latest User Interface for their smartphones, the MIUI 8. Xiaomi has made changes in the Color and styling segment mentioning that the colors of the MIUI 8 will change according to weather which is pretty impressive. The company has announced their new MIUI 8 wallpaper Corousel which come with high-quality daily

Top 5 Best Twitter Apps for Windows 10 Mobile and PC

Twitter is one of the most rapidly growing social networking site and is a platform where news etc to reach audience before any other platform. With over 320 million monthly active users on Twitter including Politicians and Celebrities, it is a very exciting place to keep ourselves updated with the happenings in the world. Twitter has

Top 4 Best Music Streaming Apps for Android for Free in India

The amount and music albums coming out these days are huge and with the mobile storage limited in most devices, it is difficult to store all the music you want to listen on your smartphones many of which come with restricted storage space. With the speeds of Mobile data and WiFi increasing rapidly and the

Best Graphic Cards to buy under Rs. 10,000 in India

The inbuilt or integrated Graphics support which comes with many PC’s are not up to the mark in case you are a gamer or want to get into gaming. If you are looking for your first Graphic card or want to buy a decent mid range graphic card to give you the feel and experience

Top Branded Power Banks to Buy below Rs 1500 INR in India

Power Banks are becoming a necessity these days with the smart phone’s becoming more powerful in terms of Processing power and the Display’s becoming more and more advanced the battery life of all the devices is surely going down as there is no such new technology to improve the battery life as of now. And

Top Smartphones with Fingerprint Scanner below Rs. 25,000

Smartphones are turning into the complete Gadget package with many features being integrated into it and the need of increased security for your smartphone and the data stored in it is also increasing with e-wallet, photos, documents etc being stored in them and many companies are trying to improve and bringing in new and improved

Top 4 Selfie Smartphones under Rs. 20,000 INR

The most recent trend in smartphone photography is taking Selfies and many smartphone companies are helping users capture the best selfies by providing great front cameras in smartphones and if you are looking to buy a smartphone with decent features and a good front camera for taking selfies then here you can get the list

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