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Comparison and Differences between LG G2 vs Nexus 5

Nexus 5 the latest in the Stock Android phones series has come out with some awesome features  and LG is now turning to get a good market with its release of LG G2 which is getting a lot of positive reviews except for its pricing. Nexus 5 being a product of LG and Google is

Comparison and Differences between Apple iPhone 5s vs Nokia Lumia 1020

Comparison and differences between Apple’s latest top Smart phone the Apple iPhone 5s and Nokia’s latest top Smartphone in its Lumia series the Nokia Lumia 1020. We are going to compare many features of both the devices in a table form like Size, Display, Software, Camera, Connectivity, Memory ..etc. In terms of camera the Nokia

Comparison or Differences between Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4

Comparison of Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S4 devices which are from 2 different types of devices, Note 3 being a Phablet and Galaxy S4 a Smartphone. We must say that Galaxy S4 is on the bigger side of being a Smartphone but compared to the massive Note 3 at 5.7″ compared to the 5″

Nokia Lumia 1020 Features and Specifications and Pricing

Nokia Lumia 1020 the latest addition to the Lumia family comes with 41 Mp Camera being launched by Nokia. This is surely a merger of the Lumia and Pureview 41 Mp camera phone which was much talked about what exactly it is. So Nokia is coming up with this feature rich Phone sporting a 41

How to Create and Share Self Distructing Notes or Messages

You must have seen in Scifi movies, Detective movies/TV Series about Self Destruct messages sent through text or Online, used to conceal secret messages which will be destructed after a certain period of time or once the message is read. Those apps and tricks are not just Restricted to James Bond or any famous detective

How to stop Google from Redirecting to Country Specific Page

Google has become the Worlds Database of everything what ever you want or have a question about everyone look up to google, if you want to buy something search on google, if you want to know about some disease – search in google, if want to know about a gadget you search in google. So

How to Send Friend Requests in Facebook when Blocked

Facebook has become strict and is blocking many people for a certain number of days and does not allow you to Send friend requests to any User when for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 15 days or 30 days if you have sent too many requests to people and they don’t accept it. So

Comparison of iOS6 vs iOS7 – Design change of Icons

The differences between iOS 6 and iOS7 are huge, there is a complete change in the User Interface. This is the biggest change ever done by Apple regarding its iOS where only new additions were added but this one is a complete overhaul. There is a change in the way the Apps looks, complete interface

Facebook: How to invite all Friends to like your Facebook Page or Event in One Step

Everyone is having a Facebook Page these days, and to get likes we have to select each friend from our friends list and then “Invite” them separately. It is a very strenuous process and irritating many times, i myself could not invite more than 15 people at once and used to close the invite box.

Features Apple Copied in iOS7 from Jailbreak Apps

Apple iOS 7 is a very designed or i must say collected Operating system, where many features were taken from many Operating Systems, but i have noticed that most of the new features were already present in Apps which were available after Jailbreaking your iPhone. I am going to mention some of the features which