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How to Solve or Fix Error code 805a0193 in Windows phones

This is apretty common error seen in many windows phones and ahs been reported by many users while using Marketplace and other internet services are normally functioning. It has been reported in all devices be it windows 7.5, 8.0 or 8.1. According to Microsoft this error code 805a0193 may also occur when you try to

Things to check before buying a used Samsung Mobile

Because of the increasing prices of mobiles, one might always wish to opt for a used mobile phone. But finding a genuine seller of the mobile is very difficult in these money minded times. An armature might just look for the physical appearance of the phone and any shiny mobile with a leather case might

How to Solve or Fix Error Code 80048264 in Windows Phones

A common Error in Windows Phones App Store or while opening Apps is the error 80048264 which will be seen when you are opening an already installed App or trying to install a new App from the Windows App store. There are many error codes which are popping up with the increase in usage of

Storage Space Issues – “Not Enough Space” Error

Out of all the alert pop ups on an android phone,the most frustrating one is “Not Enough Storage Space”. It goes to a new height of frustration when this Error pops up when you don’t have anything of significant size stored on your phone. There are many reasons why this error can appear on your

Samsung Galaxy S5 Stock Wallpapers and Features

Samsung Galaxy s5 released recently has a very minamalistic appearance in the Software and Hardware appearance, the Wallpapers are minimalistic as well with the two Crystal designed wallpapers in multi color and Blue Color backgrounds. Here is the Samsung Galaxy S5 stock Wallpaper which many of you are searching for in vain all around the

How to Set Whats App Profile Pictures without Cropping

Whats app the biggest Messaging App with the largest number of user around the world we have many tutorials listed for you in our blog for Whats app. This was one of the Question asked by one of our Readers asking how he can disable Crop for Profile Picture in  Whats App. There is no

How to Solve / Fix “Error Code 495” in Google Play Store App install

Android Apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store with the help of Wifi or Mobile Data. There are many Errors which one will encounter many times while downloading and installing the App.  Error 495 in particular is encountered when an Android user attempts to Install any App or Game over Wifi but when the

Which Android Phones are getting Kitkat 4.4 Firmware Update

The latest Android Kitkat 4.4 Firmware which was announced recently and which can be found on the Nexus 5 Smartphone is a great upgrade which most of the high end smartphone owners are waiting for like Galaxy S4, Xperia Z, LG G2…. etc from various companies. The updates will be made available to the Smartphones

List of Google Chrome Errors and their Solutions

Google Chrome is one of the most used Web Browsers around and the number of errors reported by users is also very high so here we are going to give descriptions and possible solutions to certain Errors which were reported. In Windows there are mostly errors named as numbers but in Google Chrome they are

How to Block and Unblock Contacts in Gtalk

With the number of Spammers increasing every platform is becoming vulnerable and so is Gtalk or if you want to be away from some of your stalkers from contacting you through Gtalk, here is a way with which you can Block users from contacting you. And in case you have blocked some users or contacts