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Samsung S3 Mini Specifications and Price

Samsung has finally pulled the curtains down about the rumors doing rounds about the smaller version of its latest flagship model Samsung S3. Yes today Samsung officially launched the Samsung S3 Mini. Lets have a brief look at what it has to offer. Design Samsung has become famous for its smart phones with large screens. It has

Steelseries Kana Gaming Mouse Review from a gamer

Mice have never been so good to use. Gaming industry has taken the technology to new levels. Earlier mice were used only to navigating on our computers, but off late we have been using mice for various other purposes and gaming surely is one prominent among those. Steelseries has time and again given us many

How to install Windows 8 from a USB device

Its been more of a habit for everyone to install an OS from a DVD disk. But today we hardly use any DVD’s and have moved on to USB for higher functionality and ease of use. So, why not use a USB device for installing an OS. Are you thinking is it even possible to

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