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How to Stop Automatic Sample Submission in Windows Security

In Windows 10 Microsoft has included an in-built Antivirus tool which is known to send samples of suspicious files from your Laptop or PC. The tool is called Windows Security or Windows Defender and it is automatically set to send samples of suspicious files to their servers which help Microsoft to update themselves about new

How to Setup Chromecast for Windows 10 PC or Laptop

Chromecast can not just connect your Android smartphone to your TV but you can also set up Chromecast for Windows 10 PC or Laptop to easily cast videos, movies, etc playing on your computer to your TV. While there is another option – Miracast which lets you connect your Laptop to your computer over WiFi

How to Fix or Solve Windows 10 does not go into Sleep Mode

While using your Laptop or PC running Windows 10, have you ever faced an issue where you are not able to put your Laptop or PC into Sleep Mode. Let us see how you can fix this problem and be able to Enter your laptop or computer into Sleep mode. Let us first see when

How to Stop Windows 10 from sending Activity history to Microsoft

Microsoft is known to keep track of your activity on Windows 10 to help you in making your usability better like launching apps on start up etc. But it just does not start at keeping track of your apps activity but also websites you browse in the form of history. Windows terms this as Feedback

How to Fix or Solve Skype Audio Not Working in Windows 10 Laptop or PC

With Skype still being one of the most used Video calling applications across all platforms, some users who are using the Skype App for Windows have complained about a problem with their microphone or Headphones not working when making a call. The problem is that the other person or the opposing user is not able

How to Disable or Stop Location Tracking in Windows 10

In the Era of Computers and AI, the one thing which everyone fears is the constant surveillance by others using your PC, Laptop or smartphones. One such feature in Windows 10 is the Location Tracking being turned on by Default. This allows Windows and other apps which have the permissions, to keep track of your

How to Fix Sideways or Tilt Screen on Windows 10 Laptop or Computer

One of the most common problems with Windows is the Display or screen suddenly turns sideways or tilted to the side on its own when you have plugged in an external monitor. The Screen will be sideways with the display in portrait mode while your screen is in landscape or horizontal view. It surely is

How to Turn off or Stop Automatic Windows 10 Updates

It is sometimes useful and sometimes annoying to get new OS updates on a regular basis and it was quite easy to Stop Auto Update on Windows 10 from the Update and Security settings which has been changed in Windows 10. If you are coming from Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 the direct option has

How to Stop or Disable Game DVR in Windows 10 PC or Laptop

The Game DVR feature in Windows 10 a great addition for Gamers who would like to record their game play or capture photos during game play to share in the future without the use of any external software. But this feature has been known to decrease the performance of your PC or Laptop while gaming

How to stop Apps from running in Background in Windows 10 PC or Laptop

Are you facing the problem of your Windows 10 PC or laptop becoming slow overtime with the increase in the number of apps, the culprit to this problem is the number of apps running in the background without your knowledge. This problem is not just restricted to smartphones running on Android OS but also in