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How to change Background in Microsoft Teams Video Call

With work from Home at its highest, Microsoft Teams Video Call is gaining in popularity thanks to the questionable security in Zoom which is turning away users from it. Along with security Microsoft Teams lets users have a user-friendly UI, easy to use interface with features – change Microsoft Teams Video Call background. We have

How to use Skype’s ‘Meet Now’ feature to join Video meetings without sign up or download

Skype has introduce a new Meet Now feature which lets users to Host a meeting and others to join the meeting without have logins or installing the app

How to Fix “Your Device’s Trash is Full” in Google Photos

For someone who keeps changing phones regularly, to review them Google Photos is a boon as it lets you sync your photos across devices without worrying about loosing some important photos. But recently there has been a error popping up when you are trying to Delete photos from Google Photos, the Error pops up asking

Google Maps gets Parking Spot Reminder Feature for iOS and Android – How to use it

Google has introduced a new feature in the Google Maps application for iOS and Android devices in the latest update, which helps the app remember where you parked your vehicle or car. This is a very helpful feature for many users with the increase in the number of vehicles on roads and the huge parking

How to Fix “Steam is temporarily unavailable” while updating Error

Steam is one of the main gaming portals for many PC gamers as it brings together users from all around the world. Recently there was a problem which we have faced when the Steam client was getting updated, an error popped up in the middle of the update process stating – “Steam is temporarily unavailable,

Android 7.0 Nougat beta test begins for Honor 5C with 5.0 EMUI update

Honor 5C is one the successful smartphones by the company and now they have started the Android 7.0 Nougat beta test program in India. The company has mentioned that the beta test program will be taking place in 2 batches and the users will be getting a preview version of the latest OS for users

Huawei P9 gets Android Nougat Beta Build for Download

It has been quite some time since Google has announced the Beta release of Android 7.0 Nougat for Nexus devices has been announced and these devices will be one of the first to receive the stable version as well. With the preview build of the Android 7.0 Nougat available for Nexus devices which let’s you

How to remove ads in U torrent without upgrading

How much ever everyone tries to disagree, uTorrent is one of the software which is found installed on every other laptop or PC. We all try to ignore the irritating ads present on the top and side of uTorrent and always feel in mind wish they were not there. the only way to get rid

How to remove name and number from Truecaller database

True caller has been a boon for many in knowing who is calling thanks to their database which is being updated regularly by users, be it updating your own number or updating your friends or relatives name. The database even lets you search for any mobile number globally and know the persons details like name

How to downgrade to Kitkat from Lollipop on Micromax Unite 2

Micromax Unite 2 was one of the first devices to get the Lollipop update of all the Microamx devices and after the update some users have complained about some apps not functioning well like Mail, Twitter etc and users are looking for solutions or to downgrade it to Kitkat the earlier version on which it was