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How to Disable Auto-play feature for Videos in Facebook App to Save Data

AutoPlay of Videos has been introduced into Facebook mobile app earlier this year, and this is one annoying feature where the video in your timeline starts to play automatically when you scroll and reach a certain frame. With this feature if you are using your Facebook over mobile data, can just leech out all the

How to Block or Stop users from posting on your Facebook Wall or Timeline

With Facebook becoming a very important part of everyday life it is becoming important to keep your profile looking the best. We try to upload the best photos in which we look the most handsome or pretty but sometimes you get tagged in a photo by one of your friends in which you do not

How to Back up WhatsApp Chat History on Google Drive

WhatsApp is the most used and most popular messenger application out there with millions of users and after its take over by Facebook there are constant upgrades and updates being given out to users, the most recent upgrade was the inclusion of the feature where you can backup all the Whatsapp chat history in your

How to Disable in-app browser in Facebook app for Android

It has been some days that Facebook has introduced a new feature into its Mobile App for Android users which lets the Facebook app work like a browser as well. Earlier when an external link shared on Facebook when clicked would open in any browser like Chrome, default browser, Opera Mini, Firefox etc which is

How to Save Videos, Movies, Books, Music, Links to See or View later in Facebook

There is a new update in Facebook which allows users to save any Video, links, places, music, books, movies, Tv shows etc from your timeline to see later. When you are scrolling through your timeline on your smartphone network or when you are on a slow internet connection and see an interesting video on your

How to save or Download complete Chat Conversation in Facebook

Face chat is most widely used for conversation these days, be it with your friends, family, lover, even some business is being discussed through Facebook chat and the chat conversations are being provided as proof when some guy cheats. So if you want to download your loved ones complete conversation or want to prove someone

How to Use or Run Multiple WhatsApp accounts in your Android device

With the number of Dual Sim Android devices rising up day by day and the users of Whats app increasing the requirement for using whats app from both the sim’s in a single android device is requested by many users. Here is the way to do the same like we have many other Whats App

How to get Old Facebook Chat back in Chrome Browser

The new Facebook chat seems to be inspired from the latest iOS 7 concept of being Simple and flat and it really does seem like Chat box taken from Apple iOS. And if you are here that means you too want to go back to the Old Facebook Chat and here after searching a lot

How to Cancel “Sent” Friend Requests in Facebook [Tutorial]

Everyone is using Facebook these days and the number of users having multiple accounts is also on the rise along with fake profiles so everyone of us wants to connect with our friends and family and keep sending Friend requests to people who we know or people who we want to connect to. So the

How to see photos in Locked or Hidden Twitter Accounts

Twitter is coming out with many new features like verified accounts, Locked accounts where you can only see the details of the account like the username and persons details but you will not be able to view the persons photos or the photos which were shared by the user. Facebook and Twitter users are increasingly