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How to Solve or Fix Contacts not displayed in Whatsapp on Xiaomi devices

There has been an issue with WhatsApp on Xiaomi devices running on MIUI v6 where users are reporting missing contacts from Whatsapp. One thing which has to be first checked is whether the Contacts and numbers are seen in Contacts App or not. If contacts are present in the contacts App but not seen in

How to set up and use WhatsApp Desktop App on Windows or Mac Desktop

WhatsApp, the Facebook owned Instant Messaging platform has launched a desktop app for Windows and Mac users. WhatsApp has over a billion users for their application which was restricted to Smartphones with the Application until the WhatsApp web version was announced around 15 months ago. The Desktop App for WhatsApp has similar functionality to the

How to Temporarily Deactivate WhatsApp account in iPhone and iPad

WhatsApp has close to 1 billion monthly users and it has taken over as the top Instant messaging App in the world. With WhatsApp groups and calling feature recently activated the Instant messaging App has become addictive and getting some time off WhatsApp will be pretty helpful and productive. Updated on: April 2020 How to

How to Hide Last name in your Facebook profile

Facebook has become an integral part of everyone’s life with everyone spending huge amounts of time on the popular Social network site. Every one of us try to see what the other person is up to and this leads to spying by unwanted persons as well you try to get a glimpse of your personal

How to type Bold, Italics and Strike through in WhatsApp on iPhone

Everyone has started to use WhatsApp, as it has become the primary mode of communication. Now WhatsApp has included more features to iPhone App like typing the text in Bold, Italics and strikethrough text message. This feature is also very simple to use like other features of the app. These features help in highlighting any text which

How to turn off Auto-Play of Video in Twitter app and website

Videos play automatically as you scroll down through your Twitter timeline is really a cool option, but it completely drains out your mobile data. If you are with a limited data plan, auto-playing videos will eat up all your data and after the limit is crossed the network operator with start levying unwanted or additional charges

How to remove tags from multiple photos at once on Facebook

Facebook has become the new mode of communication with almost everyone addicted to it, updating each and every aspect of their lives. It helps in connecting old lost friends and also lets you have a glimpse at others life, it has not just become a tool for connecting people but also a platform to promote

How to get Chat heads for Facebook on Google Chrome

Facebook had released the floating chat heads option for their messenger app in Android and iOS run devices last year. The floating chat heads were really useful as they show up when a new message is received with the users profile picture. Chat heads let you view and reply to the messages received without leaving

How to Stop or Turn Off On this Day or Memories feature on Facebook

Facebook has started this features called “Facebook Memories” which displayed your past photos on that particular day as “On This Day” or “A Year Ago” on your timeline and appears as notifications.  Not all the photos or memories shown by this feature are happy or bring back good or happy memories, some might be sad

How to block or Stop Candy Crush or any App Requests from Facebook Settings

Recently we saw that Mark Zuckerberg was asked a question in IIT Delhi, how to block or Stop Candy Crush App requests in Facebook, to this Mark replied jokingly saying he is also trying to figure it out. But there has been an option to stop not just Candy Crush App requests but any App