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How to use Picture in Picture for WhatsApp Video Call in Android Oroe

WhatsApp is the leading instant messaging App in both Android and iOS alike and Facebook which own the app makes sure with regular updates that it sticks there. Here is one such feature – Picture in Picture Mode video calling for its Android app has been rolled out. What is Picture in Picture mode for

How to Link or Add Sarahah Account to Snapchat – Guide

Sarahah, is the latest sensation in the online messaging world which has quite a unique feature allowing users to send and receive messages or feedback anonymously without the receiver knowing who sent the message. The Sarahah App has been topping the charts in both Android – Play Store and iOS devices. It was launched earlier

How to send message in WhatsApp without saving or Adding as Contact

Just a few years ago, SMS was what we knew of as Messaging but with the introduction of messaging apps, particularly WhatsApp have completely replaced SMS and it has become one of the most used messaging apps out there. One thing which is not possible with WhatsApp which can be done with the SMS is

How to Add a Friend to your Instagram Live Video

Instagram has added a new feature to its Android and iOS application. This gives the option to Add a Friend to your Instagram Live Video. This will now give you an option in Live Video to Add a friend who can be seen as a split screen (as seen in the image). This is a

How to Save a Photo as Draft in Instagram to post later

Ever wondered while using Instagram that you would like to post a Story later on and not at the moment of taking it? be it timing or be it slow internet who would like to loose a good capture. Instagram has rolled out a new feature which lets users to Save Posts as Drafts to

How to Add and Use Multiple Accounts in Instagram – Android and iOS

Instagram has become one of the most popular photo sharing platform with the user base increasing rapidly. If you are a user of Instagram you will be knowing the importance of having a followers for your business accounts which can help professionally as well and not just for fun. There has been a new update

How to disable auto-play Sound in Videos on Facebook Timeline

Facebook is the most used social networking platform with the user count reaching 2 billion monthly users last month, which is massive in terms of the connectivity and the reach Facebook has all around the world. With millions of users sharing photos and Videos daily, the viewing experience is being improved by each passing day.

How to use WhatsApp to Store Photos, Videos and Documents Privately

WhatsApp has turned out to be an integral part of every person using a smartphone, the advantage being the easy to use interface and the fact that it is accessible across all platforms like mobile, tablet and laptop or PC. It has become the most used way to keep in touch with friends and family,

How to Download Facebook Videos on any Android smartphone

Videos have become a very useful and one of the primary sources of both entertainment, information, education, songs etc to every user with the access to Internet at cheaper rates and with every user owning a smartphone. One of the two major databases for Videos is YouTube and Facebook Videos which stream the most videos

How to Save Instagram Live Video on your Android or iPhone devices

Instagram had introduced Live Video Broadcasting feature a couple of months back along with Your Story feature which has been quite successful as we can see many users using the Live Video feature to share their everyday life or to even showcase your products etc. One feature which is not available directly is the option