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How to Restrict or Stop Group members from sending messages by Group Admins for iOS

WhatsApp has started rolling out a new feature which allows Group Admins to restrict or stop other members from posting or sending messages in the WhatsApp group. This is a very useful feature which gives the Admins the powers to keep the group clean and also useful for any business-oriented groups which want to keep

How can I Block Someone on Facebook Messenger from sending messages for iOS and Android

Social media is as harmful as it is beneficial depending on the type of people who you encounter. There are instances in Facebook when some users or stalkers who keep messaging and do not tend to understand that you are not interested in their advances or are not interested to talk to them. There have

How to hide WhatsApp Photos and Videos from Phone Gallery

With an increase in the number of Groups in WhatsApp (P.S: Family groups which we cannot get out of) the number of images and videos being sent right from Good morning Photos, Gifs and Videos to Goodnight ones our phones start losing storage space or memory fast. But among all these, there are certain important

How to Stop Facebook App from Accessing Photos and Videos in your Android Phone

Facebook has been in news for all the wrong reasons, one of which is because it was confirmed that it was spying and tracking users data and even calls and messages from the phone on which the App was installed on. Keeping those aside, one of the main concerns of users is the access of

How to Bookmark or Save Tweets to read later on Twitter app

Twitter, the Social media website has introduced a new feature which lets users to Bookmark or Save tweet or a thread to view later. It has been a problem where you read a good tweet or thread you wish to follow later but lose it in the crowd and cannot find it later on. The Bookmark

How to Hide or Not show “Last Seen” in Instagram

Instagram is the leading Photo sharing app with millions of users and one of the latest features which has been introduced is the “Activity Status” which shows the Last seen time of the users similar to the one seen in WhatsApp. If you are someone who is not happy with others knowing when you were

How to Block and Unblock WhatsApp contacts on iPhone and Android

With the increase in the number of WhatsApp users around the world the problem of having some pesky or unwanted messages, updates etc. But with WhatsApp there are many options to maintain your privacy by giving you the option to Block any WhatsApp contact who you think is invading your privacy. You can also unblock the

How to Change, Add or Remove WhatsApp Group admin

The best Instant messaging app at the moment, WhatsApp has more than a billion users and is the leading messaging App in Google Play Store and Apple Store as well. The messaging service took off with the introduction of Groups which had a restricted number of members earlier but now supports 256 members in a

How to Delete or Clear Instagram Search History

Instagram is the largest Photo sharing social networking app which can keep you stuck to it thanks to the numerous photo and video updates being done every second. There have been a constant inclusion of updates to the application since it was started in 2010 and it has grown to be one of the leading

How to Edit Photos in Instagram and save in gallery without sharing or posting online

Instagram is one of the largest social media platform on the internet with millions of photos and videos being shared everyday, it is surely due to the fact that the app has some pretty interesting filters which let you edit your photos to look the best. Many users have asked me how to edit photos