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How to Activate Touch ID and Face ID lock on WhatsApp for iPhone

The most used Instant messaging service, WhatsApp has not just restricted itself to messages but has become a multi functional application where people are making Video calls, Audio calls, sharing photos, videos etc, this has increased the importance of keeping your account private from prying eyes. Be it at office or at home you would

How to Activate and use Fingerprint lock for WhatsApp on Android

WhatsApp the most used Instant messaging Application has introduced a very important feature in their Version 2.19.221 update for Android devices – Fingerprint lock for WhatsApp. With this you can lock your WhatsApp application and it can only be opened using a Fingerprint. So before proceeding to activate this feature you need to make sure

How to Disable or Deactivate WhatsApp without Deleting or Uninstalling App in Android

Social Media has everyone glued to their smartphones taking up a major chunk of our day to day life, with WhatsApp being one of the most used Instant messaging apps in the world it would certainly be useful to keep away from the Online world and spend some time in the offline world. Most social

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos & Videos from Phone’s Storage

In recent times, there has been the increase in Cloud storage for most of the apps like WhatsApp which has made it difficult to loose any photo or video from your Storage. But in some cases where you have not backed up the data and in the mean time deleted a Photo or Video or

How to Capture, Create and Share 3D photos in Facebook

Facebook has rolled out a new feature in its Social network site called 3D photos which lets users share 3 dimensional images which appear to move as we move the device or mouse. This gives a similar experience as VR which lets us view the surroundings of an image or place by moving. With many

How to Stop or Turn Off Auto Playing Videos in Facebook App for Android and iOS

Sharing of Videos has seen a huge increase in the recent times on Facebook and Social media sites are the improved cameras on smartphones and decreased Data rates. This has lead to a rather peculiar problem of Facebook, the default setting in the Facebook App for either Android or iOS is that the Videos which

How to hide WhatsApp Messages Preview on iPhone

WhatsApp has become the go to messaging application for users across the globe, by being free and providing all the required features which are needed to communicate like, Voice calling, Video calling, share Videos, photos and GIF’s it has replaced SMS and even to an extent Skype for these purposes. With the addition of  groups

How to Activate and Use two WhatsApp accounts on OnePlus 6 using Parallel Apps feature

With the launch of OnePlus 6 back in May earlier this year, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has upped the Flagship smartphone game with amazing specs for the price which comes with the latest and most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset coupled with 6GB or 8GB of RAM along with storage up to 256GB. OnePlus 6

How to Download or Save IGTV Videos on your Phone, Laptop or PC

With the recent launch of IGTV by Instagram (Instagram TV) the monoply enjoyed by Youtube as the top Video Streaming platform is under threat with IGTV also a Free user-shared content platform and with the already huge user base on Instagram it is being accepted and used quite easily and is growing fast as well.

How to make WhatsApp Group Video Calls in Android devices – Steps

WhatsApp under Facebook has been trying to introduce new features to help maintain its position in the Instant messaging market and one such feature is the introduction of Group Video call and Group Audio call option. Earlier you could make Video and Audio calls to one a single user and with the introduction of Group